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We are a community of financial experts that provide consultation, services, education and most importantly solutions for everyday financial problems or goals in the areas of debt management, real estate, student loan consolidation, mortgages, bankruptcy, credit counseling, new business formation/funding and more. Our passion is financial literacy, and we teach our clients how to operate with Integrity in their finances to achieve their dreams and maintain a better quality of life, all with a red-carpet customer service experience they most deserve. Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION!
At Integrity 1st we know that financial literacy is the key to financial freedom! We take great pride in not only educating our clients and in the services we provide, but also in the changes and increased quality of life that we witness daily in the lives of each and every client that we have had the pleasure and privilege of consulting with. What are you waiting for? We are here to help. Make the call today and take control of your finances!
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Integrity starts with honesty and keeping your word, and is the founding principle by which our company and the services we provide are rooted in. We take great pride in keeping our word to provide top-rated expert financial solutions to our clients, red carpet customer service and care, and most importantly the honesty and integrity you need to sleep soundly at night knowing your financial goals are in trusted hands.


Knowledge is indeed power! Explore our financial literacy resources and get empowered to take control of your finances. All of our services are coupled with educational components to help guide each valued client through their process smoothly, and more importantly, give them an understanding of it and how it affects their overall financial landscape, making it easier for them to make better future financial decisions.


Buying a home has many benefits and is an incredible key component for stabilizing your financial base and building long term wealth. With our Guaranteed Approval Home Loan Program (G.A.H.L.P.) we educate and equip our clients with all the necessary tools and resources they need to enable them to purchase the home of their dreams regardless of their credit. Let Integrity 1st assist you with your next home purchase!


Managing your debt without a strategy can be risky, as certain debt relief options could have lingering or future damaging effects on your finances such as negative reporting to your credit profile. This will limit your access to capital for future loans and result in higher interest on purchases you may want or need to finance down the road. Our debt management services provide right now solutions while protecting your future financial goals.


Most of us with a novice understanding of business are aware of the overwhelming majority of small businesses that fail due to cash flow problems or the lack thereof, which is the lifeline of any sustaining company or corporation. Call for a free business consultation and let us help you begin acquiring the working capital you need to grow and expand your business, purchase equipment & inventory, for advertising & marketing, and more!


Understanding credit is an enormous critical key to building wealth and financial stability. Lending decisions are made using information obtained from your personal credit report. In addition to your score, your credit report reveals if you are stable or if you house or job hop, the aggressiveness of your spending, if you're a person of your word based on past payment history and much more, all of which plays a huge part in the lending decision.